One of the ways to do this is by avoiding triggers that might lead to more conflicts. Apart from doing a quick breathing exercise, you can engage in a short intensity workout to release tension. Try some easy yoga poses or advanced ones, depending on your level of expertise. A quick sprint down and up your stairs or street would help too. The new generation culture of speaking your mind at all costs has its place.

Have you ever flown off the handle when angry and said (or did) things that caused irreparable damage? Most times, emotional people who cry easily do so because they dislike conflict. As such, you probably cry easily in every situation because you cannot express your feelings adequately. Meaning, frustration is the cause of your overly sensitive feelings. When you look at your reflection in the mirror in your moment of pain, fear, anger, or undue excitement, you remind yourself who the master of your life is.

You’re reminded of your core being, values, and beliefs, which you don’t want to compromise for anyone. By letting your focus be on your body features, you’ll feel present while your recent conflict fades away. Do you need to try to stop a serious wound from bleeding profusely? Never mind what you’re feeling about the situation, as that really doesn’t matter right now.

Even these professionals keep a working time and they don’t take their clients’ problems home with them. If you’re a good listener or natural counselor, do your best but also tend to yourself. Yes, you’re putting up a façade, but it is for your protection and maybe theirs. For instance, if you discover that your partner what are the easiest ways to the buy and sell bitcoin for profit is cheating, you might be tempted to bathe them in acid. However, making yourself emotionless will save you from jail time and self-loathing. When experiencing a panic attack, physicians and first responders advise that you take long deep breaths through your nose, then let them out slowly through your mouth.

It could be painting, baking, repairing things, or even mental calculations. This exercise will put your mind at rest, albeit temporarily until your child’s next drive. Another way to show your emotionless self in a needed situation is by redirecting your feelings.

  1. It won’t be as effective as screaming your lungs out at a train station, but it will help.
  2. Focus on facts and figures instead of hatred, anger or fear.
  3. Instead of focusing on emotions, disengage your mind and try not to think about anything.
  4. If you’re a good listener or natural counselor, do your best but also tend to yourself.
  5. If you are interested in hiding your emotions, here is a useful guide on how to become emotionless.

You can combine this with the breathing exercise above to bring your attention back to the present moment and get your feelings under control. If you need to interact with and speak to other people while you’re trying to control your breathing, simply bring your attention back to your breath when you can. Try to breathe all the way into your belly as you do so, rather than simply expanding your lungs. This will bring in more oxygen and will also keep your breath from speeding up between interactions. When emotions are running high, people tend to take rapid, shallow breaths (hence hyperventilation).

Consider this rather like a circuit breaker for your feelings. You’ve had to shut down that particular circuit in order to do some work, but when you try to shift it back on, it catches. If those around them are upset or hurting, they’ll be efficient, but neither caring nor comforting.

If you choose to go this route, select an item that’s appealing to you on several levels. Let it be visually appealing so you’re content to carry it with you regularly, and ensure that it has tactile appeal to you as well. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time touching the profitability of ethereum cryptocurrency mining has halved in a week or holding it, so being pleasant-feeling is key. In contrast, deep, slow breathing increases oxygen intake and brings a sense of calm and peace. If you can, practice them in a controlled environment so you have the techniques sorted for when you need them.

Focus on your body, not your mind.

I’m not telling you to go all Marie Kondo on your office. Stack loose papers, put caps on rogue pens, wipe away dust or grime. The resulting order will help you feel like you’ve accomplished something and allow you to focus on the task at hand, not the clutter. Pretending you don’t have these demons will only torment you further. You’d be surprised at the productive things your confrontation will yield. It is one thing to immediately walk away from an ongoing situation, it is another thing to avoid making the situation repeat itself.

Strategies to Manage Overwhelming Feelings

Furthermore, when we keep stormy or difficult emotions suppressed (or repressed), they don’t actually disappear. They’re still there, but they’ve been stuffed into the closet rather than being dealt with. As you continue to bundle up emotions you don’t want to deal with, those get shoved into that closet too.

The importance of feelings in psychological life.

When disagreements happen within valuable relationships, immediate reactions usually cause ripple effects. However, when you direct your negative feelings to your journal, you can maim, slap, beat or do much harm to your contact of conflict without physical contact. As such, denying your feelings will only cause your mind to shove back until you react negatively. Accept that it is good to feel because only someone with feelings can control their emotions. Emotions indicate how you feel, thereby allowing you to process your thoughts before you react. However, the ability to control your emotions will save you from making certain mistakes.

Whether we use projection, repression, suppression, or just plain denial, attempting to turn off our feelings is a strategy that eventually backfires. The one who quells anger is the one who later explodes. The one who denies sexual feelings winds up acting out in the shadows. The one who shuns love becomes tormented by what is missing.

Rest is another thing you should prioritize because it helps you shut down and recalibrate. Rest comes in form of sleeping, napping, or just not doing anything. When you sleep, you’re not thinking, and not thinking means you’ll feel emotionless. forgot which exchange cryptocurrency Everyone tends to have a mean streak, and so, acting like the big bad wolf or cold princess sometimes will help you look emotionless. Whoever is wanting to ruffle your feathers will soon realize you are not interested in their brand of trouble.

On the other hand, being emotionless means only you decide when your emotions come out to play. You are in total control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. The first thing most people tell you to do in a heated situation is to walk away. The reason why this advice is best in most situations is that you’ll be avoiding back-and-forth reactions that could escalate.

Learn to accept the importance of emotions

If there is no train station close by, try to scream into your pillow. It won’t be as effective as screaming your lungs out at a train station, but it will help. If you have access to an empty beach or clifftop, let loose your frustration and pent-up emotions till you’re empty.

Jennifer Kunst, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, working with adults and couples in her private practice in Pasadena, CA. Understanding what emotional intelligence looks like and the steps needed to improve it could light a path to a more emotionally adept world. You can strategize, organize, and hack all you want, but at some point, you will run into something you can’t do or control. When you do, the only thing to do is to radically accept.

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